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Philip BECKERLE 1939 Obituary
Churh where old BECKERLE homestead used to be (NOW PARKING LOT)
Beckerle Lumber Mystery INFO


Where it began - JOHANN BECKERLE

*1.JOHANN BECKERLE, justice, son of Jakob and Anna Maria BECKERLE of Biblis Germany;Letter
b.(born)Jan 1705, Biblis, Germany;
1m.(married) Maria Margaretha BASS, 24 Oct 1730 (she dau. of Christopher BASS, justice
died in childbirth, bur. 24 Sep 1731)
2m.(married) Anna Maria ANDRES, 12 Feb 1732 (she dau. of Kilian ANDRES)
d.(died)6 Feb 1804 (NOTE:Johann Beckerle lived 99 years and one month)

1.1 Maria Katharina BECKERLE (from 1m.) chr. 22 Sep 1731 bur. 09 Oct 1731.
1.2 Anna Margaretha BECKERLE (from 2m.) chr. 18 Jan 1733

*1.3 Peter BECKERLE (from 2m.) chr. 14 Oct 1735; m. Anna Margaretha KELLERMAN 22 May 1764 d. 20 Aug 1817

1.3.1 Kilian BECKERLE chr.28 Jun 1764
1.3.2 Anna Maria BECKERLE chr.07 Jul 1765 m.25 Nov 1788 Luca BETZEL tailor d.02 Oct 1829
1.3.3 Johann BECKERLE chr. 02 Apr 1768 m.28 Jul 1795 Katharina BERG of Laubern d.?
1.3.4 Matthias BECKERLE chr.23 Sep 1770 m.02 Jul 1798 Anna Maria Jacobs d.?
1.3.5 Johann Wilhelm BECKERLE chr.10 May 1773 bur.27 Jun 1773
1.3.6 Valentine BECKERLE chr.24 Oct 1774
1.3.7 Michael BECKERLE chr.05 Oct 1776
1.3.8 Peter BECKERLE chr.01 Jul 1778
1.3.9 Julia BECKERLE chr.12 Apr 1780 bur.14 Aug 1781
1.3.10 Katharina BECKERLE chr.20 Aug 1781 m.20 Sep 1802 Andreas LEHR, a widower d.27 Jan 1832 Weinolsheim
1.3.11 Anthoni BECKERLE chr.22 May 1783

*1.3.12 Johann Wilhelm BECKERLE, farmer
b.19 Nov 1784
m.Anna Maria BARDON 17 Aug 1809 in Stetten (she d.14 Jun 1863)
d.20 Aug 1867

* Johann BECKERLE, servant, day laborer, innkeeper
b.08 Jul 1812
m.18 Jun 1840 Margaretha BARDON b.1814 d.1895
both immigrated to US aboard steamship BAVARIA 03 Nov 1859 w/children(*)
d.1897 Wilhelm BECKERLE b.23 Dec 1840 d.07 Mar 1841 Anna Maria BECKERLE b.30 Dec 1841 d.20 Aug 1842

* Conrad BECKERLE b.25 Dec 1842
immigrated to U.S. aboard steamship BAVARIA 03 Nov 1859(*)
m.12 Jan 1882 Elisabeth KELLERMAN b 08 Mar 1858 German
daughter Carl Kellerman & Caroline Marker ) d. 26 Feb 1924 Scranton PA
d.31 Mar 1931 in Scranton PA

* Johannes Walter BECKERLE b.25 Jan 1844 d.10 Aug 1907 immigrated to U.S. aboard steamship BAVARIA 03 Nov 1859?(*)
NOT on BAVARIA ship manifest Why? NOTE:John Appears on 1860 Orangetown Census w/rest of family.
Fought in Civil War, Co.E.5th N.H.Inf. McPherson Post No.51,Hanford.
Ended up in LEMOORE California, Owning Small Fruit Farm (1892).
Never married?
More Info Anna Maria BECKERLE b.20 Jun 1846 d.09 Jan 1849 Philip BECKERLE b.29 Dec 1847 d.02 Sep 1848

* Katharina BECKERLE b. 20 Aug 1849
immigrated to U.S. aboard steamship BAVARIA 03 Nov 1859(*)
m.ca.1872 Lorenz Sauer b.16 May 1843 d.29 May 1892
d.14 Jul 1931
1920 Census John b.31 Jan 1873 NYC d.?
m.? Caroline Kraft b.? d.? had 2 children: Caroline b.ca.1902 & Marjorie b.20 Mar 1905 Barbara b.Nov 1876 NYC 1m.Edward O'brien 2m.August Peter Hammersmith d.? Agnes O'brien Zarb b.26 Mar 1903 d.11 Oct 1989 1m.White developed business machine,had patent. 2m.Jun 1956 Joe Zarb b.10 Nov 1903 d.12 Sep 1998.No ISSUE. Anna b.ca.1879 NYC d.?
m.Professor Carl Durr b.? d.? had 2 children: Carl Jr.b.? d. bef.1985 & Rosemarie b.? m.William H.Conway d. bef.1985. Lorenz b.19 Apr 1890 NYC d.bef.1910 Christian BECKERLE b.10 Nov 1850 d.? Wilhelm BECKERLE b.9 Nov 1852 d.23 Dec 1852

* Philip BECKERLE,timberman,pioneer,banker,philanthropist
Philip BECKERLE b.18 Feb 1854; immigrated to U.S. aboard steamship BAVARIA 03 Nov 1859(*)
Philip BECKERLE m.Pauline MILLER d. 26 Jun 1933 Tree
Philip BECKERLE d.7 Jan 1939Obituary Louis BECKERLE b.29 Nov 1884 d.14 July 1885 John Philip BECKERLE b.12 Apr 1886 d.4 Sep 1961 m.Helen Martina CAUFIELD (from Scranton PA) b.13 Sep 1893 d.22 Jan 1969 John Caufield BECKERLE; physicist b 14 Feb 1923
m.10 Jun 1950 Kathleen Holland b.29 Mar 1920 d. Dec 1989
d. 14 May 2012Obituary John David Beckerle b.22 Aug 1959 Morristown NJ Michael James Beckerle b.1 Feb 1961 Danbury CT Francis (Betty) Beckerle Reilly b.21 Jun 1925 d.6 Oct 2003
m.? Larry Reilly b.1 Mar 1919 d.1 Feb 2003 Liz Van Dyke Martin Beckerle b.3 Mar 1928 d.2 Apr 1966 Mary Beckerle

* Laurence Thomas BECKERLE; lumberman, founder of Beckerle lumber
b. 03 Jun 1888
m. Ellen MCENTEGARTMemories of "HELLS KITCHEN" NYC b.26 Jan 1892Tree m.10 Aug 1921 d.10 Sep 1982Obituary
d. 13 Jun 1966Obituary female still born Joan Marie BECKERLEEulogy b.28 Apr 1923 d.27 Sep 2001Obituary,
m.01 May 1948 Gerard QUINN b.23 May 1920 d.3 Dec 2002Obituary, Joan Ellen QUINN b.9 Nov 1949 Gerard Laurence QUINN b.19 Feb 1951 Catherine Marie QUINN b.18 April 1952
m.15 May 1976 Gerald Anthony Oswald b.22 August 1951 from Brooklyn
to Gerald Anthony Oswald of Brooklyn (b.7 June 1920) and Margaret A. Reilly Oswald b.11 Oct 1922 d.21 Jul 1984 Thomas Gerald Oswald b.9 Feb 1985 Ellen Catherine McEntegart Oswald b.23 April 1990 Edward Donnelly Oswald b.27 April 1993 Anne Marie QUINN b.30 Sep 1953
m.19 Jun 1982 Patrick J.Mueller Jr. b.22 Apr 1960 from WestPoint
to Patrick J. Mueller b.11 Jun 1944 and Sandra A. Bourn b.24 Jun 1942 Patrick John Mueller III b.11 Mar 1983 Paul Michael Mueller b.5 Mar 1984 Mark Thomas Mueller b.9 Aug 1988 Patricia QUINN b.7 Apr 1955 Colleen QUINN b.31 Jul 1956 Paul Michael QUINN b.14 Sep 1957 Maria Terese QUINN b.2 Jul 1959 Monica QUINN b.21 Mar 1963 Christopher Patrick QUINN b.11 Feb 1965 Anne Beckerle b.27 Jun 1924 d.24 Nov 1930 Laurence P BECKERLE b.17 Jan 1926 d.4 Feb 1926 Mary Alice BECKERLE b.9 Nov 1927 m.09 20 1952Engagement Francis Xavier MASCOLA b.31 Aug 1921 Maureen MASCOLA Thomas MASCOLA Teddy MASCOLA Jimmy MASCOLA b.30 Aug 1959 d.14 Jun 2003Obituary, Susan MASCOLA Laurence Thomas BECKERLE Jr. b.9 Nov 1930
m.2 Oct 1954 Denise Duross of Greenwich Village NYC b.04 Jul 1932 Laurence Thomas BECKERLE III b.30 Jun 1955 Stephen Neil BECKERLE b.25 Jun 1956
m.30 Nov 1979 (DUBLIN8/25/81) Breda Mary Veronica Flynn of DUBLIN IRELAND b.23 Feb 1958 Emma Denise BECKERLE b.17 Jul 1987 Kristine Ellen BECKERLE b.30 Oct 1989 Brian James BECKERLE b.04 Mar 1991 Michael BECKERLE b.1 Oct 1958 d.21 Nov 1958 Michael Charles BECKERLE b.21 Sep 1961
m.6 Oct 1990 Maureen Ann Kelly of Pearl River NY b.16 Oct 1963 Julia Kelly BECKERLE b.15 May 2000 Matthew BECKERLE b.08 Jan 1965
m.22 Jun 1996 Jean Mary Dorrance of Herkimer NY mother:Kate Costello Dorrance Patrick Neil BECKERLE b.17 Mar 1998 Daniel Laurence BECKERLE b.04 Jun 2000 Catherine Joan BECKERLE b.13 Apr 2004 Margretta BECKERLE b.1890 d.1976 Alfred BECKERLE b.1892 d.1977 Philamena Ordained as Sister Mary Pauline BECKERLE RSM b.1895 Professed.1919 d. 4 Feb 1973 Anne BECKERLE b.5 Mar 1897 d.16 Aug 1967Obituary, Joseph Aloysius BECKERLE; founder of Beckerle & Brown Construction/Excavating Co. 1928 (Originally Beckerle & Wright)
b.9 April 1899 Pearl River
m.18 Jun ???? Edith KELLER b.1904 d.1987
d.1985 Phyllis Jean BECKERLE b.6 Jun 1932 m.6/13/53 Henry Curtis Lauer Annulled
m.2/12/61 Carl Keese Highland Falls NY moved to Texas d.? Howard Keese m.? Joey Keese Karla Keese Brewer m.George Brewer d.? Jack Keese Brewer Jill Keese Brewer Michael Keese Ronald BECKERLE b.30 Mar 1934 d.5 Jan 2013Obituary
m.6 Feb 1960 Miriam Loughlin from Piermont NYWedding Carol Paul Joseph Maria Robert James BECKERLE b.15 May 1944 d.19 Oct 2003Obituary,
m.6 Nov 1971 @WP to Evelyn McLean from Ireland (Presbyterian) Robert b. George BECKERLE b.22 Feb 1901
Bowling Alley Proprietor, Inventor, Beckerle & Brown Engineer
Bowling Bowling-nytimes
d.17 Sep 1973

* Barbara BECKERLE b. 28 Dec 1856
immigrated to U.S. aboard steamship BAVARIA 03 Nov 1859(*)
m.ca.1882 Louis Maurer b.ca.1850 d.ca.1890
d.25 Mar 1948
1892 Census George b.1883 m.Lillian M.Maurer ca.1935 in CA d.24 May 1955 George was chief auditor for Royal Typewriter in SF CA. Emma b.? d.? Emma was born blind

ancestry information compiled by ANDREW BECK.
BECKERLE House in background
BECKERLE FAMILY PLOT @St Catherine's Blauvelt NY
         150th Anniversary Party - Nov 3rd 2009
Beckerle an American Family tradition since Nov 3rd 1859.

Beckerle Lumber A Family Business Tradition Since Feb 29th 1940.
MISSION: To be The BEST Lumber yard on the planet.
We hope you will give us an opportunity to HELP you.

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