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BECKERLE LUMBER ONE with WindsorOne Plus

WindsorONE +PROTECTED FACTS: TOP 10 THINGS KURT “THE KILT” SAYS ABOUT +PROTECTED: 1. PROTECTED TO THE CORE; FULL PENETRATION Because unlike the other guys, we’re assuming you’ll actually want to cut the material at some point. 2. PROTECTED AGAINST ROT, INSECTS & MOLD Does not protect against your mother-in-law, hangovers, airport security, etc. 3. DURABLE FOR EXTERIOR & SAFE FOR INTERIOR Gold Indoor Air Quality Rating, low VOC’s & California Hippie Approved. 4. WEATHER RESISTANT SYSTEM Water is for drinking, not trim boards. 5. MINIMIZES THE NATURAL TENDENCY TO DISTORT Unlike the explanation your 16 year old told you about how the family car ended up in the pond out on Route 1. 6. NO KNOTS; YOUR BOARDS ARE ALWAYS CLEAR Imagine that, you can actually use every foot you pay for. 7. PROTECTION NOT DIMINISHED By shaping, planing, sanding, fastening or molding (actual use does not void the warranty). 8. THE CUT SURFACES ONLY NEED PRIMING No need to also apply special protection (we took care of that for you). 9. BACKED BY A 30-YEAR LIMITED* WARRANTY The “limitation” is you have to install it correctly (for an example, see note on 10. BUILD AMERICA: MANUFACTURED IN THE U.S.A. Because everything else you bought was made in China.
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Beckerle lumber branch locations rockland county new york

We have four locations that offer a full line of home improvement products.
Call ahead to any of our locations and we will setup your order before you arrive.
Or call for a delivery and save time and gas.
Call Haverstraw at (845)-942-1492.
Orangeburg at (845)-359-4633.
Congers at (845)-268-9248.
Spring Valley at (845)-356-1600.
We would be privileged to have your business. Let us know how we can.