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12/14/12 8th entry
Its hard to try to imagine PEACE after what happened today.
To all those who were destroyed by this incomprehensible act of insanity by a mad man who had weapons that no one has the "RIGHT" to have.... we give you our tears.
For the others. Those of us who remain behind to pick up the broken pieces,
its now more important than ever to try to go on with PEACE in our hearts.

I was driving when I first heard the number killed was 26.
I screamed out as I was driving..."GET RID OF THE GUNS!"
I know its NOT that simple. I also know that we have to do SOMETHING.
We have failed our children. We MUST do better.
No one should have these weapons of mass destruction. Make them illegal.

10/11/12 7th entry
Throughout history - People have been incomprehensibly cruel. This cruelty didn't start or end with the any one group of people. -History has proven -its all of us! We must strive, collectively and individually, to set boundaries on unacceptable behavior.

01/29/11 6th entry
Do we want freedom for all? We know power corrupts. We know we cannot let anyone have unchecked power. Its important to have a free flow of information to keep power in check. Do we believe in equality for all...not just those in power? Knowledge might be painful, but it is essential if we want freedom for all. The internet has become a tool to facilitate this transparent information flow. Long live a free internet. Long live equality/freedom for all.

10/17/10 5th entry
I believe the majority of current ECONOMIC forcasts dont put enough weight on the COLLECTIVE "mood" of the people. We all tend to place too much weight on our actions and not enough emphasis on the individuals who determine the outcome. The real determination of economic forecasts is completely in the hands of the collective "mood" of the individuals who makeup society. If the collective mood is pessimistic then their will be "deflation" it doesn't matter how "inflationary" the economic policies are. Look at Japan from 1980 to 2010! My unscientific gauge currently is pointing to a collective "mood" in america as pessimistic....PREDICTION:DEFLATION. (doesn't matter what the FED Does)

08/08/09 4th entry
I believe ALL organizations and individuals that "OWN" property should pay property taxes.
501c tax exempt organizations are exempt from federal income taxes and New York State property taxes.
In Rockland County: The Number of Tax Exempt Organizations is: 2,381.
Total Income Amount of Tax Exempt/NonProfit Organizations: $1,679,594,978.
Total Asset Amount of Tax Exempt/NonProfit Organizations: $1,717,997,408.

How do we change this and get all to pay their fair share?
Lets start by making sure the current organizations are following the rules.
If you know of an organization violating the rules, inform the local town assessor, they are paid to enforce the rules. Assessors must decide on exemption requests by May 1 when the tentative assessment rolls are published. Assessors follow state regulations to decide on exemption requests, and exempted properties are reviewed for continued compliance.
Lets help them do their jobs. Report any violations.

05/05/09 3rd entry
Happy CINCO DE MAYO. Manny you had a good run. I will miss you. Long live the original fiesta cancun 1997-2009.

11/05/08 2nd entry
It doesn't matter what your political affiliation is, the results of tuesday's election show that the AMERICAN DREAM is alive and well. When a person of modest means, can break through pre-existing racial barriers and become president, by popular vote....WOW.
Long live the AMERICAN DREAM.

03/16/08 1st entry
Competition is good. Competition gives the consumer choices. The consumer buys from Beckerle because he chooses to do so. Think about it. What would happen if everyone had to buy from Beckerle. Prices would rise and service would decrease. Let's call this the, "power currupts theorem".
This theorem can be applied, not just to Beckerle, but to any and all businesses. Using this theorem, the lack of balanced competition, not costs, is the real reason the price of oil bounces from 50.00 to over 150.00 per barrel. This theorem applies not only to businesses but to all things economic. It doesn't end there, this theorem also applies to any human endeavor and all human organizations including our social institutions like our government, schools, police, even including our religious organizations.
We have to make sure all our institutions are not one choice monopolies. Our school district - One choice. Not good. Our Government - One choice (really). Also not good.
No competition - No choice. Breeds waste and corruption. We have to structure all systems to have balanced competition at every level.
The hard part is how do we do this without disrupting the good things we take for granted. As alot of us know, it could be alot worse.....but it also could be alot better......the trick is not to make it worse (sounds alot easier than it is).
There is no magical answer.
One thing is for certain, to keep the systems working as fairly as possible, we need equally balanced competition at every level.
Beckerle Lumber has no connection whatsoever with these comments.
Being alive is great.
I love the internet.
Beckerle lumber a family tradition since 1940.

Its the People - stupid!