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Ellen Mcentegart Beckerle

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA BECKERLE, JANUARY 26TH, b. 1892, 119 years ago ! Matthew Beckerle wrote 01/26/11: Happy Birthday from the favorite Grandson - Miss her to this day - To grow up with her across the street was a great treasure - Her spirit lives on through us forever Larry Quinn wrote 01/26/11: Nicely said Matt I always enjoyed spending time with Grandma and Grandpa Your vocabulary would increase if you spent more than 15 minutes with Grandma Susanne Humbach wrote 01/26/11: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GRANDMA! from the youngest grandchild You made me cry, Matt! I miss her, too. I was just talking about Grandma yesterday -- how she thought I was ridiculous because I always wanted my sandwiches "dry" -- no mayo, mustard or anything. "Don't you want me to put just a little butter on it?" "Eat the crusts -- it'll make your hair curly!" She always had Chips Ahoy! cookies, Neapolitan ice cream and Fresca! Thanks for the reminder, Cathy! Stay warm, my cousins!!! Love, Sue crying, again, now ... what a sap ... Stephen Beckerle wrote 01/27/11: I thought I was the favorite grand child? I will reveal a secret no except me and grandma nell knows ….until now… - grandma cured me of my head banging! Joan Quinn wrote 1/27/11: I think we all know who was the favorite....... Celery soup anyone? soft boiled eggs in an egg cup,her 'stories' on Dining Room TV, that metal cage you put the scraps of soap in to use the last drop, grammar police!!! Would we know manners without her? how to comport yourself in public? that there is such a thing as a pointed spoon just for grapefruit? Every day is a reminder. My Mountie friends still talk about her. XX00 JEQ Catherine Quinn wrote 01/27/11: Yea, ME, right??!! Ha ! OMG, celery soup--Campbells..! And what of the Sue recall... that pantry closet hid TREASURES...things we did not see/have at home... My food recall is THE GRAPEFRUIT, only on the dining room table, only at a table setting ...and to this day (and just this AM), there is nothing better... (But there we put mounds of sugar on it from the sugar bowl, with the sugar spoon!) How about driving in the car, we are 'messing around' in the back seat, Grandma in passenger seat turns to us: "You children get my goat". And my college CMSV 70s grad photo (in jeans by a tree): "oh, cathy! Jeans?" (She said same thing as I would stop in after a weekend at home, on way back to CMSV...) Susanne Humbach wrote 01/27/11: I still love soft boiled eggs and still hate "stories!" ... "Like sands through the hour glass, these are the days of our lives." I can still hear that theme music... UGH! And, I NEVER, EVER watch soaps, it's all memories from Grandma! scallops baked in the oven on Fridays ... round meatloaf ... sleeping under the white bedspread in the back room ... didn't the wallpaper have some woodsy theme with birch trees on it? Oh, and speaking of Mounties ... here's an interesting tidbit I'm not sure if "Aunt Marcey" ever shared ... One semester when I was teaching at the Mount, I had a young man named Emmett in my class. As we were walking back to the classroom after a fire drill one day, we passed grandma's picture in the lobby of the admin bldg. I paused and explained this was a portrait of the first full graduating class at CMSV -- 1914, and pointed out that my grandma was in the photo. (We were discussing gender roles and how it was rather unusual for a woman to graduate from college in those days, etc.) Well, Emmett said that he thought his great-grandma was in that photo, too. He called his grandma in Florida to confirm and we found out his grandma was in my Mom's (Aunt Marcey's) class! In fact, Emmett's grandma and Mom had just been to a CMSV brunch down in Florida and knew each other well! What a coincidence, huh? ... two women who graduated from the Mount in 1914 and then got married and both had daughters when they were 35 and then both of those daughters went to the Mount, too. And, then a granddaughter ends up teaching the great-grandson at the same college!! Stephen Beckerle wrote 01/27/11: MORE MEMORIES: I will never forget how easily she used to laugh. As a small child, I remember one time, I don't know why she was laughing but she was getting into Pete and Denise's car at the silver pheasant and she was laughing. As a small child, all I could think of was, how great it is for such an old person to be enjoying life so much. Long live memories. Colleen Quinn wrote 01/27/11: I remember her particularly laughing at everything your Dad said..and how Dear he really was to her..and his devotion to her was really special. I remember thinking how great it was that her son lived next door What a great pair they were grandpa and her he was a big fun kid and she was this wise and smart classy Lady..I am so happy that I used to go over there before going to work in Westchester and just chat She told me all kinds of wonderful and sad stories . But one time she was very emotional and she said to me basically that you Quinn kids are so lucky because your Parents really love and respect each other she was crying when she said it... I never really thought about that before.....something was up but ..it was like Mommy when something bad happened think of the good side of it or how you are fortunate in other ways I try to be like the two of them but they are a tough act to follow!!! Joan Quinn wrote 01/28/11 This is taking on a life of its own...Uncle Pete and Aunt Denise getting all this too...cool... Speaking of laughing....Some of THE funniest moments ever were when Grandma, Joan, Marcey and Denise were together....everyone would be hysterical...but don't ask WHAT was so funny...it was just the way they all interacted or something but I just remember laughing so hard. Especially Sunday dinner Scotch night! OMG! We were/are sooooo lucky! Ted Mascola wrote 01/29/11: ... remembering Grandma directing traffic from the living room near the TV( the size of a fridge) while various grandchildren and assorted Dolans wandered to and fro...... and Inky the Cocker puppy tearing about at sonic speeds leaving that fabulous rug upturned at the corners as he did laps around his insanely serene master... HB GMA

Beckerle lumber a family tradition with grandma nell memories!