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Installing Pre-Hung Exterior Door Units

Exterior units can be purchased to fit a specific wall thickness and opening size. Units are designed to wsing either left or right.

1. The unit is set into the wall opening from outside, since it usually has exterior casing attached to the outside edge of the frames. Set the bottom of the unit either on the subfloor, spacer plate, or on finished floor depending on the directions supplied with the unit.

2. With the framework in place, have a helper, on the outside, hold the casing lightly against the house while you insert shingle wedges between jambs and studs from inside the house.

3. Level and adjust for straightness, in the same manner described with interior units.

4. Drive 3" to 4" finish nails through frames and shims into studs and countersink nails with a nailset.

Casing Application

1. A 1/4" reveal or setback should be left between the face of the jambs and the inside edge of the casing. Mark these 1/4" distances at various points along the edge of the jam.

2. Measure the distance where the reveal marks meet at the corners. Use this measurement to cut the top casing at 45 angles.

3. Using 1" or 2" finishing nails, attach the top casing in place. Then measure and miter the side casings, nail in place, countersink the nails, fill with putty and sand when dry, then apply the finish of your choice.

Installing Pre-Hung Interior Door Units

Pre-Hung door units are readily available in standard size door openings. They are made to accomodate various wall thicknesses and door swing directions.

1.The unit is set into the rough door opening.

2.Use level to check if floor is plumb.

3. If floor is not plumb, shim below one side of unit, or trim one jamb leg to make unit level. Slide until into door opening and visually check the clearance between the jamb and the door.

4-5. If an approximate 1/8" space is not uniform around total door, the unit is not square. Shim between jamb in order to square unit. Place shims between jamb and stud to secure unit and nail jamb through shim into stud with 2" finishing nails.

6. Check clearance by opening door to see that it fits properly. Apply casing " from edge of jamb. Back to How To...

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